NewRoute is no longer available for download.

Use NewRoute to plan and organize your routes: running, walking, cycling, or driving. Powerful and intuitive, NewRoute makes it easy to find the best path to take.

Organize Your Routes

With NewRoute, it's easy to organize your routes. Create groups for routes in different areas, or divide your routes according to difficulty, length, type – any way you like.

Tap and hold a route to rearrange it within a group, move it to another group, or delete it. Sort routes by distance. Tap the button at the top left of the gallery page to rearrange the order in which groups are displayed, edit group names, or delete a group.

Plan and Share Your Routes

Plan new routes by simply tapping where you want to go on the map. NewRoute will do its best to draw the route for you, tracing the shortest path along roads or trails. Or, disable map tracing with the tap of a button to take total control over the path of your route.

Export routes in .gpx format to view them in mapping application like Google Earth and Google Maps, as well as sites like You can also share routes with other NewRoute users through email or AirDrop.

Edit Your Routes

Once you've created a route, you can go back and edit it. Add or delete segments from the route; drag or delete waypoints to alter the path.

You can even save edited routes as new routes. Use one route as a starting point and then create new routes that branch off in different directions.

Additional Features

NewRoute makes it easy to examine the details of your route using street view imagery. Use this powerful feature to get a clear sense for where your route will take you.

Track your current location on routes that you've already created. With a single tap, you can follow your progress and see where to go next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't NewRoute trace along highways?

NewRoute will trace along highways, but you first need to tell it that you want to plan a driving route.

By default NewRoute helps you create routes that are optimized for running or walking. To create routes optimized for cycling or driving, tap the info button when planning a route and select Bike Route or Car Route. Select a Car Route if you would like NewRoute to take advantage of highways when tracing routes.

If you typically use NewRoute to plan cycling or driving routes, you can change the default route type to something more appropriate in the NewRoute section of the Settings app.